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Bluewing Marsh Nature Area

Bluewing Marsh is a square 40-acre grassland that includes a 6-acre wetland on the North end.
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The area is located along a dirt road so access is somewhat limited depending on road conditions. The grassland consists of mixed prairie grasses and forbs. The 6-acre, seasonal wetland is an excellent resting place for migrating waterfowl during the fall and spring. Many species of ground-nesting birds can be found throughout the restored grassland.


Eastern Wapello County, 1 mile North of Hwy. 34 on 20th Ave. and 1/2 mile East on 85th St.

This area is 1/2 mile west of the Wapello/Jefferson County line located off a dirt road.



Recreational Activities

  • Upland and Waterfowl Hunting
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Photography


  • Natural Environment Area
  • Wildlife Area




1216 85th street
Batavia, IA 52533

Map · Bluewing Marsh Nature Area