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Property Tax


To redeem a Tax Sale Certificate May 1st through July 31st and if a 90 Day Notice has been filed on it you will need certified funds (cash, cashiers check, money order, debit/credit). 


The property tax statements for taxes payable in September 2023 and March 2024 were mailed August 10, 2023.  The statement outsource company included a return envelope, do not use the envelope your address will show in the mail to area ours will not.  If you have not received your statement(s) by the end of August please contact the Tax office.




Learn how and when to make property tax payments.

Pay Taxes Online

You may pay taxes through our payment website by name, address, or the 15-digit parcel number listed on tax statements that are mailed each August. You can find more information about each parcel on the Beacon Schneider website.

Pay your property tax online with an eCheck for only .25 cents (which is less than a postage stamp) or you can pay with a debit or credit card for 2.25% of the total amount due.  If your E-Check does not "Clear," whether due to lack of funds, or incorrect entry of your ABA or account numbers,  a twenty dollar fee will be charged

Pay Online

Payment Options

  • In office with cash, check or debit/credit card (additional fees apply),
  • Mail with a check (must be postmarked by the end of the month to avoid a 1.5% penalty)
  • Online with an eCheck or credit card; additional fees apply

Accepted Credit Cards

  • MasterCard / Visa / Discover

Due Dates

  • Property tax may be paid in full each year or split into two installments:
    • The first half is due September 1 and becomes delinquent October 1;
    • The second half is due March 1 of the following year and becomes delinquent April 1;

Delinquent interest accrues at the rate of 1.5% per month, rounded to the nearest dollar with a minimum penalty due of one dollar.

Partial & Scheduled Payments

Wapello County allows partial payments on current and delinquent (not included in a tax sale) property tax. By law, you cannot make a partial payment on a tax sale or special assessment. If at any time, you want to pay towards your property tax, we will accept any amount of partial payment unless there is a delinquent amount due and then we require the full amount of the penalty plus a minimum of $1.00 toward the tax.

You can make partial payments directly to our office. Or, if you prefer, you are able to schedule automatic payments from your bank account either by e-check or card. The scheduled payments will be handled through the Iowa Treasurers website by creating an account and setting up the schedule. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Add the property or properties you want to pay on the automatic schedule,
  2. Set up payment account or enter your banking information, 
  3. Set up schedule.  You can set up the schedule to pay monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or on a set date. 

Here, you can also click "auto amount" or choose to pay a set amount each month. 

By selecting the auto amount, the system automatically calculates the number of payments you've selected and the amount needed by the due date (September 30 and/or March 1) and then will automatically pull that amount. 

If you choose to pay a set dollar amount each month, you need to be aware that the amount chosen may not cover the full amount of property tax by the due date.  If this happens, you could incur late fees and/or additional interest. 

Property Tax Credits

Elderly and Disabled Tax Credit

Important: Claimants of the elderly and disabled credit MUST file a claim EACH year in order to receive the (maximum) benefit of the tax credit.

  • The Iowa legislature allows a property tax credit based on total household income for residents of Iowa, aged 65 and older, or age 18 and older and totally disabled. 
  • Total household income for 2023 must be less than $25,328.
  • The income requirements change annually. Claimants may qualify to receive a maximum credit of $1000.
  • To file for this credit, complete and return this form to the office: 2024 Iowa Property Tax Credit Claim form  It must be returned to the office before June 1st.

New This Year: Those age 70 or older, with high household income, may now qualify to establish a base property tax amount in 2023 for subsequent years. If you qualify, the first year will act as the base amount for your property tax going forward. You must apply for the credit each year and qualify or the base amount will be reset. Below are the qualification guidelines.

2023 Household Income Guidelines
for Persons Age 70 and Over

If number of persons in family/household is:

and total household income is less than:

















For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $12,850 for each additional person.

Mobile /Manufactured Home Reduced Tax Rate

  • The Iowa legislature allows a property tax credit based on total household income for residents of Iowa, aged 23 and older, or age 18 and older and totally disabled. Iowa Resident as of December 31, 2023.
  • Total 2023 household income was less than $25,328.
  • To file for this credit, complete and return this form to the office: 2024 Iowa Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home Owner Application for Reduced Tax Rate It must be returned to the office before June 1st.

Military Exemptions, Homestead Credits, and Tax Abatements

  • Military exemptions, homestead credits, and tax abatements are administered by the Wapello County Assessor's Office. Contact the Assessor's page or office for further assistance. 

Copies of Tax Statements

Please know that a copy of all Wapello County real estate tax statements are available online. There you can download a printable PDF statement. Paper statements are also mailed out annually in August to the homeowner.

Important NoteProperty tax statements are mailed to the property owner only; NOT to escrow companies.  Please note that we do not maintain escrow or property management records in most cases. If your taxes are paid by a third party, they are able to obtain your tax information online as noted above. 

Notice of Delinquent Taxes

The law requires:

  • A notice be sent to property owners who have outstanding taxes as of November 1 and May 1.
  • A notice of the annual tax sale shall be mailed not later than May 1 to the person in whose name the parcel subject to sale is taxed.
  • Payments for redemption from tax sales must be paid by guaranteed funds. The rate of interest required by Iowa law to be paid on a redemption is 2% per month.

Delinquent taxes as of May 1 are assessed a publication fee and must be advertised for sale at the annual tax sale in June.

Tax Sale Information