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Hunting & Fishing Licenses


Deer & turkey tags are currently on sale in the Recorder's office.  Hunting & Fishing licenses for 2024 will go on sale Dec. 15.  See below for the new beam reporting requirement effective this deer season.

January anterless excess season will begin Jan. 11.  Please check back then to see if our county qualifies.

Hunters and anglers are reminded to make sure they have a current license. You can purchase Hunting & Fishing Licenses at the Wapello County Recorder's Office. Licenses are issued annually.

Iowa DNR Information

New Durable Card Available

You can now purchase a durable hard card for an additional $6.00 which will show all of your current hunting and fishing licenses (not deer or turkey tags).  Each year the design changes so be sure to ask about the current designs when purchasing your licenses.  

New Requirement for Deer Harvest Reporting


Starting with the 2022-23 deer season, successful hunters will now be required to report the beam length (less than or greater than 14") as part of the harvest reporting process.

New tag paper will have a ruler on the back which is designed to simply be a tool to assist hunters in making this measurement.  All tags may not be on the new paper as vendors are using up their current stock before switching over to the new tag paper.