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Phone Calls

All Calls are $0.30 per minute/$0.15 per SMS message
Your inmate ID is your pin from the phone system
Your password is your private pin from the phone system

Prodigy Remote Video Visitation

To make a call:

  1. Log in to terminal
  2. Pick up phone
  3. Click on Video Visitation
  4. Enter the telephone number of the cell phone you want to call.
  5. Select a payment type

The party you are calling will receive a text message for cell phone and an email for computer/tablet with a link to join the video call. The called party will have 2 minutes to join the call. If the called party does not join in 2 minutes you will have to try again later.

Have your friends and families visit Prodigy Sales to put money on your account.

Prodigy Phone Number:

Mobile Patrol App

Current Inmate Information

View live access to the local detention center and see the most recent bookings listed chronologically. Search by first and last name, age and gender, as well as alphabetically.

Notifications/Alerts: 24/7

Access to offender information and automated notifications of offender releases. The app also features enhanced emergency alerts directly from the sheriff’s office.

Mobile Patrol

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

VINE allows crime victims to be informed and involved in important matters related to their cases. Access to the automated system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 1-800-770-0192. Victims who register will be contacted by VINE when there is a change in the status of their case or offender.

Instructions for VINE:

  • For offender information, call 1-800-770-0192.
  • Be prepared to provide the offender’s name or offender number.
  • VINE monitors offender court case status through a computer connection with the prosecutor’s on-site records system.
  • When an offender has a change in status, the call center will automatically begin to call all registered victims. Notification calls continue every half-hour for 24 hours, or until the victim enters a personal identification number (PIN) to indicate a successful notification.
  • VINE will leave a message on an answering machine, but will continue to call every two hours until the 24 period is over.